CEO & Founder

Heeyong Lee

Heeyong Lee has been working in the field of sustained release microspheres for over 20 years, starting from the time he worked as a postdoc at the University of Kentucky, where he participated in the development of a long-acting prostate cancer drug. Prior to starting G2GBIO, he worked at Peptron for 15 years as a head of R&D and Business Development. During that time, he was responsible for developing sustained-release drugs for prostate cancer, acromegaly, and type 2 diabetes and succeeded in commercializing a prostate cancer drug through technology transfer and licensing. He also contributed significantly to Peptron's listing on the KOSDAQ in 2015. Heeyong has earned his B.S. degree in biochemistry at Yonsei University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in life sciences at KAIST.

Senior managing director
Head of R&D

Eunyoung Seol

Eunyoung Seol has been in charge of developing sustained-release injections at Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, Dong Kuk Pharm, and Peptron before starting G2GBIO. He has long-standing expertise in research, clinical trials, commercialization and the processes of both spray-drying emulsification of peptides and small molecules. He graduated from Chungnam National University with a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biochemistry.

Senior managing director

Bokman Kim

Bokman Kim has served as the director of the Manufacturing Division at Peptron, where he established a sterile microsphere production process using spray drying and oversaw construction of a clinical factory. Prior to that, he worked at LG Life Sciences for approximately 16 years. There he directed the production of various pharmaceuticals and plant construction. He holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Chung-Ang University.

Managing director
Business development & strategic planning

Soojung Lee

Soojung Lee has been responsible for licensing and joint development, and IP management at Peptron. Before Peptron, she had worked in drug-pricing area by using pharmacoeconomic analysis. She received her B.S. degree in microbiology and M.S. degree in genetic engineering from Seoul National University, and MBA degree from KAIST.

Development & strategic planning

Jaemook Choi

Jaemook Choi has worked as a team leader in non-clinical studies, regulatory affairs and quality management for CJ CheilJedang, Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, Hanwha Chemical, and Chong Kun Dang. He has experience in the fields of the approval and commercialization of biologics and chemical pharmaceuticals. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Korea University in medical laboratory science and genetic engineering respectively, and has earned a Ph.D. degree in new drug development from Chungnam National University.

Analytical research / R&D quality

HeeKyoung Choe

HeeKyoung Choe has more than 16 years of previous research experience in at JW pharmaceutical, CKD Pharm, and Dream Pharma. After these years in the research field, she decided to change focus and moved to the pharmaceutical manufacturing site and served as the QC and QA team leader at Dream Pharma and Alvogen Korea for about 6 years. Her experience spans from pharmaceutical research and development to quality of production. HeeKyoung received her B.S. degree in chemistry education and M.S. degree in chemistry from Kyungpook National University.

CFO / Business Administration

Gyojoong Jeon

Gyojoong Jeon worked at Medipost for 12 years in the finance department. He raised funds by building partnerships with investors through strong stockholder relationships. He communicated with major national institutions while also being responsible for managing shares, disclosure of company information, accounting, and tax. Also, he operated an internal accounting control system as the head of the department. He holds a degree in mathematics and holds a master’s degree in finance management from YeungNam University.

Research Planning & Management

Heeok Shim

She has worked in the field of pharmacokinetic research at Korea Institute of Toxicology and Kuhnil pharmaceutical company. For approximately 8 years since 2002, she has worked at the Bioequivalence bioanalysis CRO as the study director for GLP analysis of non-clinical TK and clinical PK analysis. At the SCAS-BTT Bioanalysis company, which the Biotoxtech company made a joint venture with SCAS of Japan, she has worked in the sales management and bioanalysis research field for 10 years. She has experience in increasing sales through domestic and Japan sales networking. By utilizing the sales networking, she set-up a system that can expand the range of products offered to include low molecular drugs, peptide drugs, and biosimilar bioanalysis.
She received Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in biochemistry from Chungbuk National University.